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As the leading provider for many Greater Seattle area projects, Concretely Beautiful LLC is a specialist concrete firm that know every trick in the book for delivering concrete surfaces that impress. Our professional design/build services help make your concrete ideas a reality from start to finish.

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As Greater Seattle area's go-to choice for top notch concrete services, Concretely Beautiful LLC is proud to deliver everything from retaining walls to industrial concrete flooring for our local community.

When you work with Concretely Beautiful LLC, you're in good hands. Our professional team will treat your property the same way they would treat their own, producing only the best quality work at prices you can afford.

To find out how our talented team can improve your Greater Seattle area space, send us an email or call us at 206-679-4696.

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A Perfect Pour Every Time

Detail-oriented and meticulous, Concretely Beautiful LLC offers a wide range of concrete services for residential and commercial clients. Look to the below for our primary services.

In the past, concrete may have been thought of as the cheap and unattractive option for driveways, walkways, and patios in Greater Seattle area, but that's no longer the case. With an installation from Concretely Beautiful LLC, you can expect a high quality surface that can easily last up to 30 years, thus erasing the undeserved reputation of previous time.

What led to that reputation was improper installation that was prone to cracking and deterioration almost immediately after the concrete was poured. When using a top level professional like Concretely Beautiful LLC, you have access to many different textures and styles such as stamped concrete, paving stones, and acid stains that produce an attractive and durable driveway or walkway.

Current times have seen concrete become the material of choice for residential driveways and walkways in Greater Seattle area and for good reason. As the finest provider of concrete options, Concretely Beautiful LLC has put our talents to good use, delivering flawless installations all over the city and beyond.

When you want the best that concrete driveways and walkways can bring, call Concretely Beautiful LLC at 206-679-4696 to schedule a free home visit.

Not all residential lots in Greater Seattle area are perfectly level, which can create many erosion and water drainage issues. For many, the perfect solution is a retaining wall built by Concretely Beautiful LLC - your local concrete expert. This retaining wall will not only correct the aforementioned problems, but can also be a stylish improvement to your outdoor space.

More affordable than stone and with many of the same properties, properly poured concrete retaining walls will last for years to come at a fraction of the price. Concretely Beautiful LLC has made it our business to be retaining wall specialists and we're able to create unique designs that address the needs of your individual location.

In working with Concretely Beautiful LLC for a retaining wall in Greater Seattle area, you'll experience our hallmark customer service and the high quality of our concrete builds. We'll take your design ideas and incorporate them into a beautiful concrete retaining wall that not only takes care of infrastructure issues but also looks great. For taller walls, we can use interlocking blocks that add extra strength and integrity.

Call 206-679-4696 or email Concretely Beautiful LLC to find out more about options for your concrete retaining wall.

Often thought to be better suited for outdoor spaces in Greater Seattle area, concrete can actually be a great choice for interior flooring. One of the reasons why Concretely Beautiful LLC continues to see more and more concrete flooring customers has to do with the variety of styles that can be achieved with this seemingly simple material.

Contrary to popular belief, a standard concrete floor is not your only option. Decorative stamped concrete is a common choice, as well as acid staining a process that can simulate the elegant look of marble without any of the high expenses. At Concretely Beautiful LLC, we're capable of delivering a wide range of concrete floors, all of which can be a tasteful solution for your Greater Seattle area property.

In addition to residential situations, concrete flooring is also a great choice for industrial settings like a warehouse or factory where strength and longevity are important concerns. Our concrete floors can be found in many Greater Seattle area industrial locations and our flawless installation means that your location will have the best protection possible against cracks and other problems.

Speak to a Concretely Beautiful LLC associate about your concrete flooring needs by calling 206-679-4696.

As a boy I worked under a couple of amazing custom home builders, that taught me the fundamentals of the trades. Eventually, I took over my own Pole Barn company. I ran that successfully until the market crashed 11 years ago. Which lead me to move Seattle, and I’ve loved it ever since. In Seattle I’m running a concrete company that is doing great. I have found myself wanting to combined my pole barn knowledge and home building experience to make BARNDOMINIUM. While owning pole barn company I built a few homes that were barns to start off with, and enjoyed it.

While a proper concrete installation will last a long time, the unfortunate truth is that many concrete jobs in Greater Seattle area are done hastily and without the attention to detail needed to preserve the life of the concrete. At Concretely Beautiful LLC, a large part of our business involves concrete repairs and maintenance to fix bad concrete installation work.

When we visit your Greater Seattle area location to inspect your concrete installation, we'll be honest about whether we think a repair is possible or if a replacement is the better option. In many cases, we've been able to save concrete patios, driveways, and walkways by repairing cracks and fixing the underlying water drainage problems.

In addition to standard repairs, Concretely Beautiful LLC is also able to help Greater Seattle area residents improve the attractiveness of their concrete with decorative restorations that can add vibrant and attractive textures to drab concrete surfaces. Stains, polishing, and overlays can all be used by our talented concrete restoration team to mimic more expensive materials like marble or deliver a new look to your property.

If you have a previous installation that's already showing signs of wear and tear, call Concretely Beautiful LLC at 206-679-4696 for a professional concrete repair.

Stone masonry can create a striking appearance to any home or business property. However, your Seattle masonry beauty doesn’t have to be only skin deep. From stacked stone retaining walls to cultured stone veneer masonry, your custom Concretely Beautiful LLC masonry work will not only look amazing – it’ll be built with durability and resistance to the elements in mind. We’re expert masons and you can count us to always place the quality of your masonry as our top priority.

Experienced with all forms of Seattle masonry, including wet set masonry, entryway work, and load-bearing walls, we’ll help you choose the perfect solution for your particular needs. For all of our local projects, we start off with a free visit to your property to assess the work to be done and discuss your masonry options. After seeing the specifics, Concretely Beautiful LLC will provide you with a no-obligation quote to compare to other masons.

At Concretely Beautiful LLC, we believe that your natural stone or other masonry project shouldn’t come at a ridiculous price. For exactly that reason, you’ll find that our high quality work has a fair and competitive price for both materials and labor. As many of our Seattle clients have discovered, we offer top level quality designed to fit within your budget.

Call 206-679-4696 for impressive Seattle masonry solutions by the professionals at Concretely Beautiful LLC.

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